DESCRIPTION ORIGIN: GERMANY ALL-OVER DIAMOND VEIL VOILE EFFECT DIAMANT Professional Facial Highlighter Bronzers Palette Makeup Glow Kit Face Contour Highlight Shimmer Powder DiamondIlluminator Get wrapped up in a crazy diamond shimmer! Diamondtakes "glitter" to a whole new level with an...
Kiss Beauty Blushing Heart Blusher
Fine and smooth texture, easy to adapt to the skin, not easy to steal powder. A natural color, a natural blend with the color of the skin, creates three-dimensional facial contours, creates the illusion of higher cheekbones, a smaller forehead...
Rs.599.00 Rs.449.00
ICONIC London Highlighter - Original
How to Use:Prep your skin with primer and pigment foundation stick add drop of your illumination to cheekbones tip of nose collarbones and cupids bow.Use your finger to tap the product in, gently blending it for a beautiful high gloss...
Rs.999.00 Rs.699.00
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